Bitcoin Rush Review

Bitcoin Rush LogoTrading cryptocurrency is one of the smartest ways to make money now. It gets better with the auto trading robots; people do not have to trade cryptocurrency manually anymore. All that is needed is a trading robot that does all the work, and they become richer from a growing passive income. It is a great time to be alive because of these smart ways to make money without lifting a finger. And we are here to help more people become financially free with our reviews of the best cryptocurrency trading robots.

In this review, we have written about our experience while testing the Bitcoin Rush. It is important to test these cryptocurrency auto trading robots because there are so many of them, and some people might be confused, knowing which trading robots really work can be tricky, but we make it easier for our readers to avoid guessing because my team runs comprehensive tests to confirm if the trading robot we test actually works.

We hope that our reports help more people to make better choices and become much richer, with smart tools like cryptocurrency trading robots, no one should go through financial struggles anymore because it is so easy to make money from the cryptocurrency market now.

The Bitcoin Rush caught our attention with so many comments online about its fantastic features and how easy it is to use the platform. This is why we decided to test the Bitcoin Rush auto trading platform. Such comments from people online can convince others to use the software, but what if it doesn’t really work? This is why we decided to run our checks and tests to give the public a professional opinion about the effectiveness of the Bitcoin Rush.

Thankfully, we have had a wonderful experience with the Bitcoin Rush, at the time of writing this report, my team agrees that the Bitcoin Rush offers everyone a smart and fast way to become rich by trading cryptocurrency. It is so easy to use, all an investor needs to do is create a new account, fund it and activate the trading robot to start making money from fast and accurate trades.

The goal is to make a profit from the cryptocurrency market every day. Before we started testing the features of Bitcoin Rush we read the testimonial page on the site. The news there is positive, there are so many people already making much money with Bitcoin Rush. Now, at the end of our review, we can understand why so many people are becoming rich with the software. The trading robots work based on a smart algorithm backed by advanced AI. There is also a team of professional brokers who monitor the system to ensure that all investors earn a profit daily. Bitcoin Rush is one of the best trading robots we have tested so far. We can confidently encourage more people to sign up and start making money with the trading robot.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.

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Is Bitcoin Rush legit? Yes!

Bitcoin Rush is legit. Everything about the system works perfectly. We tested its features and also performed live trades. Then we withdrew our profit and the customer support system works perfectly. The payout system is accurate and transparent. We had a great time with Bitcoin Rush without any glitches.

Bitcoin Rush was developed and released in 2013; it is one of the first cryptocurrency trading platforms that work autonomously to help investors become very rich. There is so much money to be made from the cryptocurrency market. We expect it to get much better now and investors can become richer, with the involvement of Facebook, the company plans to introduce its cryptocurrency coin, and that will be a huge boost in the crypto market. Bitcoin Rush Review

My team discovered that Bitcoin rush trading robots work so efficiently because of the sophisticated algorithm and AI-based system. The success score for Bitcoin Rush is 95%, we think this is impressive, with such a high success score and easy to use features, we recommend Bitcoin Rush to everyone interested in making money from the cryptocurrency market.

Here’s a summary of our findings during this review;

  • Our analytics tools reveal that Bitcoin Rush has a success score of 95% and an accuracy rating of 99% for all transactions on the platform. This is why it is easy to grow a passive income and save with this trading robot.
  • The autonomous trading activities on Bitcoin Rush are monitored by professional brokers who ensure that only the best trades are selected and approved for investors.
  • Bitcoin Rush offers users flexible options such as multiple payment options and a reliable customer service that is available 24/7.
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Overview of the Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is an automated trading platform for cryptocurrency. The system works with intelligent robots that do all the work for the account owner. We observed that the trading robots on the automated platform can scan the cryptocurrency market in seconds to detect the most profitable transactions for the account owners. It is all about buying a cryptocurrency at a low price and selling when the price increases. Investors on Bitcoin Rush can make as much as $1,500 every day, we also observed that this profit margin could be much higher on days when the market trends are favourable.

My team found out that to start using the superior technology on Bitcoin Rush cryptocurrency trading platform, investors only need to deposit a minimum of $250, we think this is a good idea; more people can leverage the smart systems to make more money. From our experience, we know that other trading robots demand much more as a deposit, which can make it difficult for people to invest.

We have used the features on this platform and can confirm that it is so easy, the user-interface is simple, and there is no need for specialised knowledge before using the Bitcoin Rush. All that is required is a few clicks on the platform to activate the live trading feature, and the trading robots do all the work. The account owner can go about other activities while the trading robots automatically perform transactions with their funds and make a profit, which is deposited into their Bitcoin Rush account.

How does Bitcoin Rush Work?

Our analytics tests revealed that the accuracy level and success score on Bitcoin Rush are really high. So we went about studying the automated trading processes to know how the system works to deliver such impressive results.

The software engineers in my team were able to detect the special algorithm and AI used in the system. The data was highly encrypted, but we could study the process, which makes Bitcoin Rush transparent. We observed that the software generate trading insights in seconds, considering how busy the cryptocurrency market is, we understand the need to quickly determine trading insights for the market.

The Bitcoin Rush trading software is also designed to quickly process big data and qualitative data from the cryptocurrency market. We were thrilled with the entire process, and it was easy to see why auto trading can deliver excellent results even when hundreds of trades are performed in minutes.

We should also note that all the automated trading processes on Bitcoin Rush are done in real-time. This is one of the reasons the trading robots have a high success rate.

My team was impressed with the customisable features on Bitcoin Rush, we like the options, they allow users to select different settings for their trades and this can influence the users experience positively without disrupting their daily schedules. What it means is that Bitcoin Rush users can make money with the system without necessarily spending hours sitting in front of a computer.

How to Create a New Bitcoin Rush Account

Another feature that we found really impressive is the ease at which a new Bitcoin Rush account can be created. All that is needed is a few steps, and the new account application is approved. There is a verification system to check the account opening process. The verification system prevents bots from spamming the system it also helps users avoid issues due to wrong account information. We were able to register a new Bitcoin Rush account in a few minutes.

To create a new account, we started from the homepage on the site. There is a link to download the account opening form, which must be completed and submitted for approval.

Creating the new account

We found out that the information needed to open a new Bitcoin Rush account is so little, this is why an account can be opened in minutes. We have had some poor experiences with other trading robots that demand so much information, and it takes weeks to get feedback regarding the request to open a new account. The lengthy process can discourage users.

In this case, we only needed to enter a user name, create a password and enter an email address and phone number. We hit the submit button, and the application was sent for verification and approval. We got the approval in minutes and we could proceed to make a deposit.

Making a Deposit

We were also impressed with the features on the deposit page, which allows users to choose from multiple payment options. This is convenient, considering that there are Bitcoin Rush users from all parts of the world. We decided to start this trading experience with a deposit of $250, which is the lowest acceptable deposit on Bitcoin Rush. My team selected the Visa payment option, entered the card details and made the deposit. We were thrilled to find out that our new Bitcoin Rush account was credited with $250 in a few seconds. We know how fast the cryptocurrency market trends change, so it is important that processes such as making a deposit are done quickly to avoid missing good opportunities to make money from the cryptocurrency market.

Demo Trading Feature

Bitcoin Rush has a demo trading feature. We are always happy to see the demo feature on auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency. The demo feature allows users to test the trading robot before depositing real money. We used the demo feature, my team was able to get more insights into the trading processes of the robot and how transactions are completed. We advise everyone to use the auto trading feature.

Live Trading

We had a great time using the live trading feature. It was easy to get started, all we needed to do was click on a tab and the live trade was activated. But first, we set a stop-loss limit to prevent loss if the cryptocurrency market trends become unfavourable.

My team was excited after our first live trade experience because we earned a profit, we did three more live trade sessions, to critically observe how the trading robots work. Overall my team was impressed with the trading functions and completely automated system on Bitcoin Rush. We think it is a brilliant system and can be used by anyone without stress.

We have added a link for our review of Cryptosoft; it is one of the excellent auto trading robots that we have discovered in the market.

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Bitcoin Rush: Key Features


We closely monitored the payout system after four live trading sessions, and we can confirm that it is accurate and fast. We know how important it is for users, after earning a profit, the value credit to a user’s account must be accurate. The Bitcoin Rush system deducts a service charge from the profit made on a user’s account. We think this is very fair.

Verification System

The verification system on Bitcoin Rush is fast, we did not experience any delays. The verification system helps to avoid mistakes when creating a new Bitcoin Rush account.

Withdrawal process

We were thrilled to discover that withdrawal requests on Bitcoin Rush are processed within 24-hours. This is very fast, compared to other robots that take as long as two weeks to process a withdrawal request.


There are no hidden fees or charges on Bitcoin Rush; we closely monitored the system to confirm this fact. The only fee charged is the commission which is subtracted from the profit you make after a live trade.

User Testimonials

We earlier mentioned the testimonial section and how the users are making so much money with Bitcoin Rush. This section is created to allow users to comment on their experience with Bitcoin Rush.

Customer service

My team also tested the customer service platform to determine its response rate. We used this service many times and it was always a great experience. The customer service is available 24/7, and you speak with real people who know all about the auto trading platform and can help you solve any issues.


The auto trading system on Bitcoin Rush is monitored by a team of brokers who have been vetted by my team. The brokers make random checks to ensure that all investors are earning a profit daily.

Advantages of investing with Bitcoin Rush

Here are the top reasons we recommend Bitcoin Rush to everyone;

  • Transparent auto trading system– The automated trading process and payout system on Bitcoin Rush is transparent. There are no hidden fees and users can identify how the payout is calculated.
  • Impressive accuracy rating – It is best to use an auto trading robot for cryptocurrency that can perform accurate trades that are profitable. With Bitcoin Rush, investors can start earning after the first live trading experience.
  • Impressive user experience – We have observed that so many investors are using Bitcoin Rush, and they are satisfied with the service. You can join hundreds of investors and start making money from the cryptocurrency market every day.
  • Efficient withdrawal system – Withdrawal requests are processed within 24-hours.
  • 24/7 Customer service – We think it is convenient to have an online customer support center that is available 24/7, so any user can get help quickly when necessary.

Tips for beginners

The following tips can help beginners to start making money with Bitcoin Rush

  • Invest the minimum deposit first – The minimum deposit on Bitcoin Rush is $250, we advise everyone to start here, invest $250 and watch your capital grow, over time, when you have made more money, increase your deposit.
  • Learn more about the cryptocurrency market– since you will be investing in the market; it helps to know more about the cryptocurrency industry, what are the expected trends and what is happening currently? The information you need to know can be found online.
  • Save your profits – We always advise investors to withdraw their profits to a bank account and save. It is passive income; you can increase your financial worth by saving for a few months.
  • Trade during peak period – There is so much activity in the cryptocurrency market during the peak period; it is a good time to find profitable trades.

Has Bitcoin Rush been endorsed by celebrities?

We found some claims online about celebrity endorsements of Bitcoin Rush, my team needed to confirm these endorsements before commenting. We did a search and made some inquiries. It turns out that the claims online are false.

Bitcoin Rush has been linked to celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, and popular TV shows such as The Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. The claims suggested that Bitcoin Rush is directly or indirectly affiliated with these celebrities or their brands. We found out this information is not correct.

Please note that the false claims are made by affiliate marketing companies trying to drive traffic to their sites. Please regard only the information published on the official Bitcoin Rush website.

Is Bitcoin Rush legit? Yes, it is!

We have tested all the features of the Bitcoin Rush auto trading platform and used the live trading system. We also studied the payout system. My team concludes that Bitcoin Rush is legit and can be trusted by everyone.

The auto trading robot can be used to make money from the cryptocurrency market, and users can withdraw their earnings without any problems. We also confirm that investors with Bitcoin Rush can earn $1,500 or more daily.

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Can Bitcoin Rush be trusted?

Yes, we can confirm that all investors who trade with Bitcoin Rush will earn a profit and easily make withdrawals to their bank accounts.

How much profit can be earned with Bitcoin Rush?

We know about investors who are already earning $1,500 every day, however, the earnings depend on your deposit.

How much should a beginner start with?

We advise beginners to invest the minimum deposit of $250 and gradually grow their capital.

Is the withdrawal process reliable?

Yes, it is, withdrawal requests on Bitcoin Rush are processed in 24-hours. The funds are deposited in your bank account in the local currency.


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