Bitcoin Formula Review
What’s Bitcoin Formula?
Bitcoin Formula is an open and free source for Bitcoin trading. It’s a platform that connects to popular Bitcoin exchanges. Bitcoin Formula can automatically execute task, evaluating your strategies in the process and watch the real-time markets. While doing this Bitcoin Formula will store all market data it sees, this makes it possible to stimulate trading strategies against historical data to see whether they would have been profitable.
Bitcoin Formula can communicate with the APIs of some exchanges. But communication with some exchanges is limited. Bitcoin Formula makes the distinction between the following features:
• Live Trading: Bitcoin Formula can automatically execute orders based on the signals of your strategy. This turns Bitcoin Formula into the trading software.
• Importing: Bitcoin Formula can retrieve historical market data. This way you can get a month of market data over which you can backtest your strategy.
• Monitoring: Bitcoin Formula can retrieve live market data from the exchange. Bitcoin Formula can store and run trading simulations over this data.
Why Choose Bitcoin Formula
There are other automatic trading bots out there, but none of them is better than Bitcoin Formula. This review will discuss the scope of some components of Bitcoin Formula, explaining how things are done and why they are done in a certain way.
Best Manual Trading
You don’t need to miss out on any opportunity again. Using Bitcoin Formula, you will stay ahead of the game without having to watch the market 24/7.
Make Money While You Sleep
You can sleep at any time you want, knowing your Bitcoin Formula is working for you. You will make more money while sleeping.
Great Community and Support
Bitcoin Formula has a great community behind it and there is a reason more thousands of active traders choose Bitcoin Formula. The support is astonishing.

Lots of Strategies to Choose From
Bitcoin Formula has different strategies that you can choose from. If you’re making use of this software, you can also make your own strategies and use them. You can also use an add-on in combination with the help of a professional.
Cross Platform
It’s cross-platform. You can easily convert your settings from Mac, Linux and Windows.
Minimal Risk
You can’t always profit, but Bitcoin Formula can reduce the risk by making use of stop limit, reversal trading or double up to average down.
Bitcoin Formula will take care of:
• Calculating indicators.
• Aggregating live market data.
• Simulating order execution.
• Executing live orders.
• Graphing the results in a web interface.
• Calculating profit and risk metrics.
• Simulating live markets using historical data.
• Managing and importing historical market data.
How to Sign Up on Bitcoin Formula
Step 1: Fill Out the Registration Form
Once your registration is accepted, you’ll automatically become a new member of The Bitcoin Formula. This means you’ll get to claim our Bitcoin trading software for free.
Step 2: Fund Your Account
Like any business, you need capital to get started. Therefore, to start profiting with Bitcoin Formula, you must invest any amount you desire of $250 or more.

Step 3: Start Trading and Profiting
You will get a broker and you’ll enjoy precise and accurate hands-free trading powered by our reliable algorithm. You can also set the trading to manual if you prefer to trade on your own.
Choosing a Bitcoin Formula Exchange
Open Source
Bitcoin Formula is 100% open source, you don’t need to download and run the software on your machine. Bitcoin Formula only talks to the exchanges. We don’t know anything about your usage, strategies, portfolio size or anything else except if you tell us.
Exchange Support
Bitcoin Formula supports different exchanges. Just tell Bitcoin Formula which exchange you want to interact with and Bitcoin Formula talks directly to the exchange.
Strategy Platform
Bitcoin Formula makes it possible to create your own trading strategies by making use of indicators. Once you create it you can use Bitcoin Formula to run against the live market using either a paper trader or real trader or backtest your strategy over historical market data.
Plugin system and Web Interface
Bitcoin Formula software will be able to update you wherever you’re. Without effort, you’re able to add your own plugins to Bitcoin Formula. Bitcoin Formula comes with a web interface that lets you monitor your strategies, local data and can visualize the results and run backtests.
Runs on Any System
Bitcoin Formula runs perfectly on all major operating systems such as (Linux, macOS, Windows) you can run it in the cloud without any problems!
Is Bitcoin Formula Trading A Scam?
Bitcoin Formula is a free tool that’s designed as a starter kit for automated trading on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. It’s legit and work perfectly to offer users with amazing benefits that can change their lifestyle. Bitcoin Formula aims to have a low barrier entry to writing your own strategies and you don’t need to have a programming knowledge in JavaScript before you can use this bot.
Bitcoin Formula aggregates all market data into to help trade users make amazing profits. This means Bitcoin Formula does not take up any amount of space on your hard drive. The trade bot will make use of additional market data to make efficient execute orders efficiently, but this data is not visible anywhere else. Please visit Bitcoin Formula website to check out the trader’s reviews to make the right choice.