Bitcoin Compass Review

Bitcoin Compass LogoSome many people have improved their financial status by earning more money on the side. A majority of investors have been earning from the cryptocurrency market because auto trading platforms are now available to everyone.

It is a smart move to trade with these automated systems, even the expert traders who know all the manual trading skills are using the auto trading platforms to make more money from buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

After interacting with our audience, we found out that it is important to carefully select the auto trading platforms that are used because some of our readers have lost money through scams.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals.

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To prevent this from happening again, we decided to form a team that will be testing auto trading platforms before recommending the site to our readers. With this approach we are certain that more people will achieve their dreams of becoming financially free.

Following the plan we have reviewed Bitcoin Compass. Our goal during this review was to study the automated trading system and test all its features to know if the trading platform really works.Bitcoin Compass Scam

What is Bitcoin Compass?

Bitcoin Compass is an automated trading platform that has been designed for the existing cryptocurrencies in the market. On the trading platform, investors can make money by using the trading robots to buy and sell cryptocurrencies profitably.

In the past financial freedom was earned by working very hard day and sometimes at night. Now, with the different opportunities to make more money from the crypto market, the average individual can secure one good job and still make money on the side by investing with trading platforms such as Bitcoin Compass.

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What really matters to the investor is making a profit. We know that so many people who would like to use the auto trading platforms have little knowledge of how the system works. To help this group of potential investors, we will continue reviewing different auto trading platforms such as Bitcoin Compass to help them make better investment decisions.

We are interested in these auto trading platforms because they offer a significant advantage regarding making money from the cryptocurrency market. Many of these auto trading platforms have a reasonable success rate, which means all investors will make money from the crypto market. This is why we are focused on finding the best trading platforms that we can recommend to our audience.

Making money has been made very easy for the average individual. We know for a fact that so much money is generated while the cryptocurrency market is active every day. With Bitcoin Compass, all investors can conveniently get a percentage of this loot, and this can be done without having trading skills or knowledge.

We are impressed with Bitcoin Compass; our experience with the auto trading platform has been. And we confirmed that our good experience with Bitcoin Compass is not an isolated event through the testimonials page. We found so many testimonials that confirm many active users are making money every day by depositing as low as $250 into their Bitcoin Compass trading account.

Here’s a summary of our findings during this review;

  • Bitcoin Compass is a legit auto trading platform that can be used to trade different cryptocurrencies. The auto trading platform is secure, and there is a verification system that prevents unauthorised use of any registered account on the platform.
  • The minimum deposit on Bitcoin Compass is $250, with this deposit; all users can activate the live trading feature and make money with the system.
  • We discovered that there are no hidden fees on the Bitcoin Compass trading platform. After a live trading session ends, the payout system calculates the users’ earnings, and a percentage is removed from the profit as a commission for using the auto trading platform.
  • The customer support helpdesk is always online, and Bitcoin Compass is available in over 100 countries.
  • We also found a demo trading feature on Bitcoin Compass. This is a demo representation of the live trading system. The demo trading feature will be of great help to new users who are interested in learning more about the live trading feature.

We are happy that Bitcoin Compass has been outstanding during this review. The auto trading platform works excellently like others we have tested, such as Bitcoin Cycle, and Crypto Comeback Pro. We can confirm that everyone who has a smartphone and can operate basic functions on a laptop will be able to make money with Bitcoin Compass without any problems.

Assessment tests of Bitcoin Compass

We ran a couple of tests on the auto trading system to confirm that all its features work perfectly. Here is a short report on these assessments;

Usability tests

Our results for usability tests were impressive. We were able to easily create an account on the auto trading platform. The account creation process did not last up to ten minutes. Next, we used the customer service system, and it was fast and responsive.

My team also found it easy to make a deposit when we needed to use the live trading feature. And the withdrawal system works flawlessly. We observed that all the features on Bitcoin Compass could be used by clicking on tabs and icons that show the different indications for the commands sent.

Security assessment

My team checked the security arrangements that have been implemented to protect user information and the funds that are deposited into the account. We discovered that user information stored on the auto trading platform is encrypted. The SSL online security system is always active on the auto trading platform. We also observed that high-level security is provided by malware programs on the platform.

We are happy with the extensive security provisions on Bitcoin Compass.

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Trading accuracy tests

Testing the accuracy of the live trading system was easy because the Bitcoin Compass platform is transparent. We could observe how live trading is done and study the trading robots.

The outcome of our tests for accuracy was excellent. Our analytics tools showed that the accuracy rating on the trading platform is 97%; this is why so many transactions on the auto trading platform end successfully.

We also analysed the payout system and withdrawals, we found out that the calculations were always perfect.

Using Bitcoin Compass

To get started, it is important first to create an account. We went through this process because an account would give us access to use the live trading system.

Registering a Bitcoin Compass account

We created an account in ten minutes. We were thrilled at this accomplishment, it is better to incorporate fast processes on an automated trading system because lengthy processes can discourage potential users.

We could quickly register an account on the Bitcoin Compass platform because the only information required includes the full name of the account holder, an email address and phone number. With this information, anyone can create an account on the platform.

How to make a deposit

Next, we proceeded to make a deposit. This is another simple process. We found different online payment platforms on the page. All we needed to do was selecting the most convenient payment platform and enter the information that authorises that transfer of funds. We decided to test the live trading feature on Bitcoin Compass with a deposit of $250. In seconds the money was transferred into our new Bitcoin Compass account.

Live trading session

We had an eventful live trading session. The robots were fast and accurate. We only needed to sit back while watching the trading robot does all the work.

The fast transactions were completed ahead of the market; we observed that the fast processes are another reason why the auto trading platform is profitable. The best deals can be quickly completed before the market trends change.

Is there a Bitcoin Compass mobile app?

No, the auto trading platform is not live on the mobile platform. We used the platform via browsers that are compatible with smartphones and laptops, and we did not have any issues regarding accessibility.

Bitcoin Compass – Our Concluding Thoughts

My team is impressed with our trading experience with Bitcoin Compass. We will not hesitate to recommend the trading platform for everyone. We think it is the best auto trading platform for new investors because of the user-friendly features.

We have tested all the features of the Bitcoin Compass and the auto trading platform works perfectly.

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How much can I make with Bitcoin Compass daily?

The ROI is dependent on the investment made, if you make a high deposit, the returns will be more. However, we advise new users to start small, invest the minimum deposit of $250.

Who can trade with Bitcoin Compass?

Everyone can use the auto trading platform because it is free to create an account, and the trading robots do all the work.

Is it possible to withdraw Bitcoins from the account after a live trading session ends?

No, this is not possible; all earnings are converted to the local currency of the bank that has been linked to the account. You will get your funds in your local currency.

How much is needed to register an account?

It is free to register a new Bitcoin Compass account.


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