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How can you compare two Excel sheets and highlight the differences

In this article, you’ll be able to quickly review two Excel sheets and highlight the differences in just 6 steps.

How can I quickly evaluate two excel spreadsheets to see if there are differences in the values?

It is possible to use to use the view side-byside comparator when your boss demands you to quickly discover the differences between 2 Excel sheets.

For instance, this book is book1 and this book 2. Click on the View side-by-side button and you will be able to manually discover the differences in their numbers row by row.

However, if you’re dealing with an enormous amount of information, it might not be the best approach to take.

We can utilize Conditional Formatting to quickly highlight various values on 2 Excel sheets.

Be aware that this method does not use to compare two Excel sheets from different workbooks.

So, we must incorporate Book1 as well as Book2 in one book.

The below are the steps for comparing two Excel spreadsheets and highlight the differences.

1. The table will choose the numbers that will draw out the differences. Here we choose the data on sheet 2.

2. Go to on the home tab, then select the Conditional Formatting tab, click Add New Rule Add a the New Rule.

3. The Select a Rule Type dialog box then click Apply a Formula in order to select the right cells to be formatted.

4. Within the bar of formulas, type “A2 Sheet1! A2”.

The formula in this case is “A2” refers to the cell A2 in this worksheet.

“Sheet1!A2” indicates the cell A2 is referenced in Sheet1;

is an inequal sign.;

This formula implies that, in the specified range of data Sheet2, the data on Sheet2 will be compared with that in Sheet1 one-by-one and highlight the various cells.

5. Choose the format, then select the highlight color to match the incompatible data, and then confirm.

6. Select OK At this point, the distinctions between the worksheet values will be instantly highlighted.


When using the formulas, only references to relatives are allowed to be entered. For instance, you can you can enter a cell as A1 instead of $A1 as well as A$.

Visit here to learn more about relative references as well as “absolute references”.

This formula is only employed to evaluate the differences in the values.

This method is only implemented in two sheets within one Excel document.

What is Worksheet in WPS Spreadsheet?

The worksheet that is used for Excel spreadsheets is set of cells arranged by columns as well as rows. It is the surface that you work on to input information. Each worksheet has 16384 columns and 1048576 rows and is utilized as a massive table for organizing data. Same as Microsoft Office Excel.

Advanced options are available in WPS Office Spreadsheet:

Additionally, you can compare the different values of the two Excel worksheets Excel additionally has the Find or Replace feature that you can use to review workbooks, look at cells, and erase the redundant formatting of worksheets. Also, you can find answers in this article about how to locate different projects within WPS Academy, Use the data check feature to swiftly identify different objects.

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