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Xiaomi Poco F4 GT

One-minute overview

With the all-new F4 GT, Poco attempts to make a leap in quality and presents an “true” top of the class device. This phone includes a lot of the attributes that define a top-of-the-line device: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and ultra-fast memory. It also has 12GB of RAM and AMOLED display with 120 Hz and a 120 watt fast charge (with the charger included in the package).

It’s not a camera that can compete with the other models in this regard. From the perspective of this it appears that the Xiaomi Poco F4 GT is ordinary at its best. Additionally, the microSD slot isn’t there either.

However there are two triggers on the dorsal side specifically designed for gaming, using a magnetic mechanism that is simply amazing. This Poco F4 GT, while lacking the sleek appearance of typical gaming phones, is equipped to let you perform at the top of your game throughout the day.

We would have loved an extended battery life that would last bit longer however, in the majority of cases you can expect all day battery life. If not, 120W fast charge can fully fill the battery within fifteen minutes. That’s incredible.

Prices and availability

The Poco F4 GT was revealed on April 26, 2022 and, as of yesterday, is accessible on the official Poco shop as well as major retailers across the region. For us in the globe the Poco F4 GT is available in Stealth Black, Knight Silver and Cyber Yellow via Amazon and Noon for Dh2,249. However, the less expensive 8GB model will not be sold here.

Design and construction

With the 6.67 “screen with a 6.67” screen, the Poco F4 GT is a quite large smartphone. Its thickness is 8.5 millimeters, meaning it’s certainly not the tiniest model on the market, and its weight is also quite significant with around 210 grams. It is quite a big phone, and certainly difficult to operate with just one hand. The surface is non-slip, and this is a benefit when you’re using the phone without the case.

Poco did an excellent job at reducing the bezels surrounding the screen. And the AMOLED panel is the top of the line, aside of the tiny hole that houses cameras on the sides.

Around us we see an even edge which we’re happy to be able to see more smartphones. We were disappointed by the absence of a flush transition between metal and glass on the edges of the device. This isn’t an issue, however it is something Poco should be aware of next time.

When you look at the frame made of metal You can see how the breaks in plastic differ in comparison to other smartphones. In reality, there are more grey “dashes”, and in different locations. This is due to the fact that Poco has created their F4 GT for gaming, which means it can be utilized horizontally. In order to make sure that reception is optimal, they’ve included antennas. However, we aren’t able to say that we’ve observed any significant differences in our evaluation of the device.

The right-hand side is especially fascinating: it has the power button that incorporates the fingerprint sensor. The most intriguing feature is the triggers to play games. It’s amazing that they’re actually keys that are held in place by the magnetic lock. After being unlocked, they spill out about one millimeter and they are extremely responsive and comfortable buttons. They also look solid however it’s difficult to determine the longevity of this type of device.

To play, you must first make sure that the area that triggers the action of every trigger has to be set to allow you change the position of the indicator across the screen. As an example, we could put the right hand on the button that shoots while the left is on the control for switching weapons, or something similar to similar to other games. Instead the use of your finger to initiate these commands, you utilize analog triggers. The solution is just as simple than using the monitor with the added benefit of not covering the play area with your fingers.

Analog triggers in turn could also be utilized to perform other tasks, however in this case, Poco can do more. For instance, you could make use of one of the triggers analog to open the Camera app, and then you can change an option to record video. It isn’t possible to snap a picture or even create a video except by pressing the screen. This is a bit of a blunder according to us. It’s something we’re sure will be enabled by an update to software So, how about getting that moving Poco?

Poco F4 GT also has an audio system that includes 4 speakers, 2 speakers, two tweeters as well as two woofers divided into two groups. Its maximum sound volume can be extremely powerful and the sound is clear as well as the sound spectrum quite broad (for the size of a phone). In some cases, it’s sometimes too loud and if you fail to turn it down then the alerts will definitely make people uncomfortable. Overall it’s a great phone. Poco F4 GT offers a superior audio quality than other phones.

Below is the USB-C port On the left side is the drawer to store the SIM and an additional microphone. It’s also an option designed specifically to be used in gaming and allows voice chats (or regular hands-free calls) when you hold the phone horizontally.

Concerning that SIM drawer Poco F4 GT is a dual SIM phone that comes with DSDA option, i.e. dual SIM dual Active. This signifies that both SIMs are active at all times and it is feasible to communicate and navigate using both or the one we are interested in anytime, with no concerns or complicated steps.

It’s a shame that the Poco F4 GT has no 3.5mm socket for jacks or headphones included in the box. However, there’s a USB-C-to 3.5mm adapter, which is the best option for those who wish to use the wired headphones they have.

In the background, the cover is composed from plastic. We would prefer glass or metal however the feeling of solidity is still there. Visually, there are many designs and colors to bring out energy. The most aggressive variant is the yellow version and the gray version we tried is less “calm” look, while keeping the trendy and contemporary design choices. A really nice feature (we did not notice at first) was the flash taking the shape as a bolt of light that is located near the camera. This is a great addition!

There’s also a touch-screen approximately three-quarters of the way up. You can customize it to trigger specific actions each time you tap the screen two and 3 multiple times (they represent two separate commands). You can, for instance, utilize this tool to snap pictures on the go or to activate Google Assistant. It is also possible to switch it off if do not want to.

The camera module is equipped with three lenses and is quite a bit away from the main body phone. This can cause it to wobble when it is placed on the table. The issue is solved with an opaque silicone box inside the box.

In addition, it’s an extremely cheap case (hard to not use an inexpensive case and thanks for noting) it’s among the most affordable ones are often found in the case – and that tends to turn become yellow fairly quickly. This is not usually a problem however the design of the Poco F4 GT is unique with the triggers popping out and the addition of a microphone. Finding a replacement case, this is why it could be more difficult than usual and we would like to have found a higher quality one that came in the box.

There isn’t any IP certification So beware of humidity and humidity.

Overall The Poco F4 GT has a well-built design with notable extras, but it is not particularly original, and at times a little rough. It’s functional, but the absence of IP68 certification can be a problem on a product which wants to be an “flagship”.


The screen on the Poco F4 GT isn’t anything new. It’s the same type of screen that we’ve previously seen on other Xiaomi as well as Redmi models. It is a great screen as well as for entertainment purposes. The resolution of 1080×2400 pixels will be sufficient to handle all tasks and produce clear and sharp images. It would have been better to have a higher resolution than 394ppi however it’s not a factor that affects our everyday use.

The refresh rate of the phone can be set at 120 Hz. It ensures excellent fluidity throughout the day. Most importantly the rate of refresh changes dynamically. The phone increases it or decreases it, ensuring that there is always the perfect balance between energy savings and performance. We’re not sure what the lowest setting of it is that the Poco F4 GT can go down, but we know that some rivals can have as low as 1 Hz in order to conserve the battery as much as is possible. If you’d like to control it by hand you can select between 60 or 120 Hz.

Being an OLED screen, we find excellent contrasts. The colors are very bright, perhaps too bright in those default setting. However, there are numerous options to get the desired result. In our instance, we discovered an option called “Original colour” is the most optimal, since it creates more natural-looking colours. We also like the flexibility of personalizing through the settings of the screen.

The management of brightness however could be improved. We’ve observed this with it is the Poco F4 GT often displays the screen as too dark to read even though the it has plenty of ambient light. If this occurs the only option we’ve come across is to manually modify this parameter. Sometimes, it was essential to deactivate the auto brightness.

It’s still a great screen, especially for watching shows and films because of HDR10 compatibility. If you are using your smartphone to stream Netflix, Poco F4 GT is sure to provide a fantastic experience.


One area where that the Poco F4 GT does not excel in is its camera. Its main sensor is a Sony IMX686. It’s not the top-of-the-line model however, and it is found on other gaming smartphones , such as the Asus Rog Phone 5 , however, it is also found on mid-range models, such as the Oppo Reno 5. On paper , it’s an acceptable camera, but the results we’ve gotten were “so-so “. It’s a good camera. Poco F4 Pro can take decent pictures, but If you’re looking to test the boundaries of a camera on a smartphone, this isn’t the phone for you.

The colors are very accurateand there’s an acceptable amount of clarity, at the very least when the lighting is good. You won’t be able to zoom in too much, but the photos suffice for smaller print sizes or social media posts. The two other cameras, which include a 2MP macro as well as an ultra-wide 8 megapixel leave much to be desired. You probably won’t be using themunless there’s urgent requirement for them.

The front camera with 20 MP is perfect for taking photos and videos. It can handle the contrast and detail excellently, but it can be prone to create a slightly dull color. There is nothing that can’t be fixed by a filter or some modifications later.

In terms of video recording Poco F4 GT can record video. Poco F4 GT can record up to 4K or 60FPS. The quality of the video we recorded is quite good, and enough for a birthday celebration or some other event. If you’re a professional video maker however, and want to create videos of greater quality, then this is not the ideal choice. You can also create video with Macro mode, however in this instance, the resolution is limited to 720p.

When it comes to changes The Camera application is packed with options for people who want to grant free the creative juices. It’s the same with Gallery. Gallery program, which has numerous tools to edit photos notable, but most noteworthy is the possibility of changing the sky’s color and the color of the photo immediately.


There’s not much to say about a phone equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and 12GB of RAM by 2022. It might perhaps not be the fastest device on the market but it’s one of the most powerful of them all.

To begin, you can play whatever your favorite game is. The efficiency of this processor along with the high-frequency of the display, ensure an experience that is top-of-the-line in gaming.

It’s not only regarding video games. The speed that comes with Poco F4 GT makes it an all-purpose smartphone that is reliable It opens applications quickly and runs smoothly even during the most intense multitasking.

You can look up the schedule, read the latest news and switch to the camera in a flash of an eye with no indication of slowing down.

Poco F4 GT scored 3,453 points during the Geekbench 5 multi-core test and 1,214 for one core tests.

The thing that is most fascinating, in terms of performance, is it is the Poco F4 GT has a advanced dissipation system that is a new generation which includes a large vapour chamber as well as liquid technology which allows you to keep your phone cool (never more than 40°C) even for lengthy hard gaming sessions lasting for more than an hour. This is all done without compromising performance and without experiencing a decrease in performance because of thermal throttle.


It’s the Poco F4 Pro is a smartphone that doesn’t have any fame or glory regarding battery life. If you are in a medium to medium-high use scenario you can count on it to last for the entire day. If you do have something to do at night then it might be a good idea to charge it throughout the morning. On one hand, it is because the processor uses lots of energy (by this point, we are aware of about the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1) and contrary to that, Poco has installed a battery with “only” 4,700 mAh. Two batteries for the record two batteries, each with 2,350 mAh.

During the trial when we were there, we got there late at night, around 11pm (disconnecting the device around 6 am) The battery was of between 15 to 25 percent. This isn’t an issue however there were times where it took until 8pm to be charged. It’s video games that draw the most power and we know that the most recent Qualcomm processor causes some problems from this perspective. But, among the top smartphones, we can find models that are durable even in the midst of heavy usage. It’s important to mention however that for the cost of the Poco F4 Pro the result is remarkable.

The battery life of the phone may not be suitable for a ‘gaming phone however, it’s Poco F4 GT makes up for its size with a 120-watt charger inside the package. This charger will help you’ll be back to normal in a short time. Theoretically it could charge your phone from zero all the way to full charge in just 17 minutes, however you’ll seldom find yourself in such circumstances. Most likely, with just the time of 10 minutes it is able to charge enough to satisfy your requirements, and end your night without any worries. If you connect the cable while playing games simultaneously then you’ll have your Poco F4 GT fully charged in under one hour that’s pretty impressive.

When it comes to charging it has a second feature that we loved the cable’s end is an L-shape.This lets you play with your smartphone while gaming or for watching video using it with your hands and not having the cable become uninspiring. . It might seem like something minor that isn’t, but anyone who has used their smartphone with a cable can appreciate the importance of this feature.

Does it really matter?

It is a great deal. Poco F4 GT offers excellent value for the money. In certain aspects, there are definitely areas to improve, but for the price, it’s surely one of the best purchase options available.

How can you compare two Excel sheets and highlight the differences

In this article, you’ll be able to quickly review two Excel sheets and highlight the differences in just 6 steps.

How can I quickly evaluate two excel spreadsheets to see if there are differences in the values?

It is possible to use to use the view side-byside comparator when your boss demands you to quickly discover the differences between 2 Excel sheets.

For instance, this book is book1 and this book 2. Click on the View side-by-side button and you will be able to manually discover the differences in their numbers row by row.

However, if you’re dealing with an enormous amount of information, it might not be the best approach to take.

We can utilize Conditional Formatting to quickly highlight various values on 2 Excel sheets.

Be aware that this method does not use to compare two Excel sheets from different workbooks.

So, we must incorporate Book1 as well as Book2 in one book.

The below are the steps for comparing two Excel spreadsheets and highlight the differences.

1. The table will choose the numbers that will draw out the differences. Here we choose the data on sheet 2.

2. Go to on the home tab, then select the Conditional Formatting tab, click Add New Rule Add a the New Rule.

3. The Select a Rule Type dialog box then click Apply a Formula in order to select the right cells to be formatted.

4. Within the bar of formulas, type “A2 Sheet1! A2”.

The formula in this case is “A2” refers to the cell A2 in this worksheet.

“Sheet1!A2” indicates the cell A2 is referenced in Sheet1;

is an inequal sign.;

This formula implies that, in the specified range of data Sheet2, the data on Sheet2 will be compared with that in Sheet1 one-by-one and highlight the various cells.

5. Choose the format, then select the highlight color to match the incompatible data, and then confirm.

6. Select OK At this point, the distinctions between the worksheet values will be instantly highlighted.


When using the formulas, only references to relatives are allowed to be entered. For instance, you can you can enter a cell as A1 instead of $A1 as well as A$.

Visit here to learn more about relative references as well as “absolute references”.

This formula is only employed to evaluate the differences in the values.

This method is only implemented in two sheets within one Excel document.

What is Worksheet in WPS Spreadsheet?

The worksheet that is used for Excel spreadsheets is set of cells arranged by columns as well as rows. It is the surface that you work on to input information. Each worksheet has 16384 columns and 1048576 rows and is utilized as a massive table for organizing data. Same as Microsoft Office Excel.

Advanced options are available in WPS Office Spreadsheet:

Additionally, you can compare the different values of the two Excel worksheets Excel additionally has the Find or Replace feature that you can use to review workbooks, look at cells, and erase the redundant formatting of worksheets. Also, you can find answers in this article about how to locate different projects within WPS Academy, Use the data check feature to swiftly identify different objects.

WPS Spreadsheet for beginners course will assist you in learning Excel fundamentals. Employing the professional and free WPS Spreadsheet to manage and analyse various kinds of data efficiently. The free course will teach you the fundamentals to advanced ideas that are part of Microsoft Excel.