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To successfully influence policy the AHPN relies on evidence of need. To achieve this, the AHPN consults with its membership network, seeks expert advice and collaborates with academia and cross-sector stakeholders.

To date, the AHPN has used research to lobby the Home Office to delay the removal of people living with HIV from the UK until antiretroviral treatment becomes more widely accessible and has provided the Government with 10 key asks to improve the health and wellbeing of Africans in the UK.

The AHPN mobilises stakeholders in the research community to raise awareness of any inequalities in health in order to develop appropriate research responses and programmes.



Download reports by clicking on the report title:


Policy brief on Migrant Access to the NHS


The Mental and Emotional Wellbeing of Africans in the UK - a research and discussion paper

AHPN submission to consultation - Sustaining services, ensuring fairness

Policy Brief - Equality in Cancer: Patient Experience and Outcomes

BHIVA Conference Poster Presentation: Faith 'healing' and Africans in the UK

African Women and HIV: A Call to Action

AHPN Policy Position 2013

20:20 African Health Professionals Network Discussion Paper

AHPN Book Launch - The Equality Act 2010 in Mental Health edited by Hari Sewell


Faith 'healing' and HIV: research summary paper

2020 E4H Event Invitation 

AHPN Response to Department of Health Consultation on Patient Choice

The Influence and Effects of Community HIV Testing Programme for the African Communities in Leicester LASS and AHPN

Destination Unknown Campaign Review

I'd Rather be in Prison: Experiences of African in Immigration Detention in the UK

Full research report Summary report


Intersectionality of Experience in the Narratives of Africans Living with HIV in England  by Jack MacAllister

The Politics of HIV and the Voice of the Church

Mission - Our Churches, Our Response by Reverend Ijeoma Ajibade

Theology and HIV by Reverend Joabe Cavalcanti

AHPN submission to consultation on ‘Standards for psychological support for adults living with HIV’

Young Black Africans and HIV

Migrants and HIV Stigma: Findings from the Stigma Index Study (UK) - Executive Summary (Full report coming soon)


To be a man: Exploring masculinity and HIV service needs among African men in London

HIV delivered in Faith: A research paper on the HIV interventions provided by Christian and Muslim organisations in the United Kingdom

Good Sex, Bad Sex, the African Way: A report developed as part of the Pan London HIV prevention programme

A Global Review of Policy and Programmatic Responses to HIV/AIDS in the African and Caribbean Black Diaspora


HIV and FAITH Discussion Paper: Engaging Muslim and Christian leaders on the issue of HIV

Returned to Risk: Deportation of HIV-Positive Migrants

Approaches to Voluntary Counselling and Testing: exploring policy and practice in the UK, US, Ghana, Malawi, South Africa and Ethiopia

From a Destination Unknown to a Safe Place: Immigration control and people living with HIV: new policy perspectives

Faith and HIV in Action: A Training Workshop for Christian Communities



Completing the Picture: An examination of the Home Office's country reports on the availability of HIV treatment in Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria and Zimbabwe

Sexual behaviour and HIV infection in black-Africans in England: results from the Mayisha II survey of sexual attitudes and lifestyles


Start the Press - How African Communities in the UK can work with media to confront HIV stigma (Research report)

Start the Press - How African Communities in the UK can work with media to confront HIV stigma (Poster Presentation)

AHPN Newsletter - Debunking Myths: A focus on African Men who have Sex with Men



African HIV Policy Network (2006) Submissions to the Joint Committee on Human Rights Inquiry into the human rights issues raised by the treatment of asylum seekers in the UK. London, AHPN.



Assessing the feasibility and acceptability of community based prevalence surveys of HIV among Black Africans in England. London, Health Protection Agency Centre for Infections. Mayisha II Collaborative Group (2005)


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