NAHIP, or the National African HIV Prevention Programme, was a Department of Health commissioned national programme that AHPN managed from October 2001 to June 2012. 

From June 2012 onwards, the Department of Health for England has commissioned a new, combined national targeted HIV prevention programme, that will incorporate the work previously undertaken separately by CHAPS (the national Gay men’s HIV prevention programme) and NAHIP.

At the conclusion of the National African HIV Prevention Programme, all 19 agencies contracted by AHPN to deliver within the programme were invited to complete a brief survey enabling them to reflect on the processes and outcomes of the NAHIP partnership in the most recent national contract phase (2010-2012). The survey and analysis were undertaken by Sigma Research, as part of its independent Research and Development functions within the partnership.

The report can be downloaded from the file gallery below:

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NAHIP Partnership Evaluation
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NAHIP Partnership Evaluation