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20:20 African Health Professional Network


The 20:20 African Health Professional Network is designed to galvanise and mobilise the talent of the 20% of the NHS workforce who are from Black and Minority Ethnic communities. 20:20 is a new initiative designed to provide career development opportunities for healthcare professionals who are African or of African descent. The development of 20:20 will provide a foundation from which to identify and address professional development needs, enhance skills and capabilities and provide practical support to enable genuine reduction in employment inequalities. The network will further enable African healthcare professionals to come together in a spirit of ubuntu to address health inequalities affecting African communities. 20:20 will support open dialogue, shared learning, and enable workforce development to support equality through all levels of the NHS. It will also enable African health workers to play a collaborative role in improving their career opportunities and help the NHS to become more reflective of the diverse communities it serves.

20:20 was established because:

  • According to the NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement, there are 193,000 staff from black and minority ethnic backgrounds in the NHS – representing nearly 20% of the NHS workforce
  • It is estimated that there are 70,000 people of African origin working in the NHS comprising over 5% of the NHS workforce and 10% of all doctors – more than double the proportion of Africans represented in the general population
  • There are 13,000 African doctors registered to work in Britain and since the year 2000, African nurses and doctors have been issued almost 68,000 work permits to work in the UK
  • Estimates indicate that African doctors have saved the British state over £1 billion in training costs alone.
  • There are 30 BME executive directors out of an estimated 3,000 posts. In social care the picture isn't much better; the number of BME directors of adult services in England is 4 out of 150
  • There are only 5 black and minority ethnic chief executives across more than 300 NHS organisations
  • Less than 1% of NHS staff from African backgrounds are at executive director level or higher in the NHS

Responding to this situation, the 20:20 Network will support African NHS staff to develop to develop professionally, and in doing so support the NHS to embed diversity across all levels. This will result in improved efficiency, better services and reduced health inequalities, for all who benefit from the NHS. The Netowrk will be supported by a designated website and social media platforms, a newsletter and networking opportunities. There will also be regional conferences, seminars and masterclasses to support professional development.

To find out more about the 20:20 network, please click through to the discussion paper, linked below. If you are interested in the 20:20 network, please sign up using the registration form below, and return it to info@ahpn.org.

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